Aspen is a beautiful, strong, resilient two-year old battling relapsed Acute Myeloid Leukemia-RAM. This little space on the internet is where we, Aspen’s parents, are sharing her story. Our goal as a family is to spread awareness, hope, and increase funding for the research to find a cure for this horrific disease. 

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First and foremost, we want Aspen to be known for her immense confidence, strength, and obvious class and flare for style. Aspen has a signature look – pink sunglasses and Minnie shoes from Auntie. She is the Audrey Hepburn/Lucille Ball of the 2020’s. Add in the strength of a tiger, and that’s who Aspen is.

Since Aspen’s diagnosis we’ve written about her journey on our GoFundMe page, where we have a full year of updates. We’re shifting to this page to better encapsulate all of Aspen. Everything you read and see is produced by Aspen’s parents, Ashley and Troy.

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