Biopsy Update

Aspen made it to Disney! And, a full update will be forthcoming, but for reasons explained below, a brief one for now. 

The week in Florida was truly magical. Aspen made it to Legoland, Animal Kingdom, and, most importantly, Magic Kingdom. She sat out Universal Studios and Hollywood Studios. Actually, only Elliott and Troy made it to Hollywood Studios on the last morning, everyone else was spent. As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end though. 

On Monday morning, the day after returning, Troy tested positive for COVID; it was bound to happen to one of us. Testing positive for COVID when one of your kids is going through treatment will send you into full panic mode. Since Monday he’s been isolated at Dave and Christine’s house (Ashley’s brother and sister in-law), who so kindly vacated to her parents’ house. Let’s be clear, Dave is not upset about having to eat Fran’s delicious cooking. Fortunately, no else tested positive, and Troy has had a mild case. 

Even with the inconvenience of having a highly contagious virus, life must move on. While testing negative for COVID, Aspen’s biopsy was moved from Friday to Tuesday. The silver lining is that we didn’t have to wait over the weekend to find out Aspen’s results came back NEGATIVE. There’s NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE, or the GLIS-2 mutation that caused this whole mess. 

For now, have a wonderful weekend. A full Disney debrief is forthcoming. Be well.

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